How to choose the best blogger blog theme [4 tips]

How to choose the best blogger blog theme [4 tips]
How to choose the best blogger blog theme [4 tips]

The number of bloggers in the book has increased significantly. Many new bloggers start blogging using Google's free blogging platform "Blogger". But after creating a blog in Blogger, they have a hard time choosing a good theme for their blog. That's why in today's post, I will share with you some tips to help you remember that you can easily choose the best theme for your blogger blog.

There are many websites on the internet that offer you free templates for Blogger. But often new bloggers visit those websites, download any free theme and upload it to their Blogger theme. Only after he sees the design of the blog does he choose it for his blog. But by looking at any theme design, you can't call that theme a perfect template.

When choosing a good theme for a blog, take care of the design, its loading speed, structure data, SEO optimization, and so on. Thereby you can choose a great theme for your blogger blog. For this reason, you can choose the best blogger template to take into consideration the tips you are going to share with you.

How to choose the best blogger blog theme Tips for choosing the best blogger blog template
When choosing a theme for Blogger, follow all the tips below.

1: Select Fast Loading Template

Always choose a theme that loads fast. This is because the speed of a blog or website featured in the search engine rankings is also high. The faster your blog loads, the higher the search engine ranking.

To check if a blog is loading fast, you can use some free tips to check the website's loading speed. Google PageSpeed ​​Insights, Geometrics and PSDI Website Speed ​​Checker tool.

Using this tor, you get an idea about the loading speed of your blog both mobile and desktop. For this reason, the choice of a fast loading theme is always appropriate. Readers will not have much trouble browsing your blog.

Tip: We can also judge by the size of its template whether or not the blogger blog theme loads fast. If one theme is 300 KB and another theme is 150 KB, the smaller size theme will load in less time. It has a high loading speed.

2: SEO Optimized Theme

A successful blog is considered to have more traffic. You need to pay special attention to SEO to get more traffic. When choosing a theme for a blog, you should also pay attention to SEO optimization .

You can use Google's free Google Structures data testing tool to check if your blog theme is well SEO optimized. In this section you need to send your blog scientist, then checking the theme of your blog will show some structure data test report. If your blog does not have errors in that report, that means your blog's theme is good.

If there are some flaws, this is proof that the theme of your blog is not well received. These structural data deficiencies can also cause errors in the Google Search Console.

In addition, you will find some other free tools on the Internet, using which you can check your blog's SEO score. For example, in the UberSuggest tool you get a site audit option. In this you can check the keyword scan by sending the science of your blog.

Tip: Before using a theme on a blogger blog, you should look at the SEO score of other blogs that are already using that theme. Whether or not Structure Data Error appears on that blog.

3: Free Theme vs. Premium Theme

After creating a blog in Blogger, many people have a question about whether to use a premium theme for the blog. So let's know its answer.

First of all, you know that you don't need to get any web hosting to create a blog in Blogger. That is why you save your expenses. In your web hosting money, you need to invest in a premium theme and custom domain purchase.

Premium theme offers many benefits like -

  1. Premium themes are well designed.
  2. You can build it according to your desire.
  3. Premium theme is loading fast.
  4. Premium theme optimizes SEO.
  5. You have no trouble doing HTML and CSS coding.
  6. There are no external footer credits.
  7. There is no malicious script in the theme.

But in the free theme, you can see a lot of unwanted skin scripts. I use so many free themes, I find 98% of those templates are malicious scripts, which have a negative impact on our blog's fast loading and SEO optimization.

Based on my experience, I can say that a free blogger theme can harm your blog. So, if you have some HTML and CSS answers, you can better design the Monilot theme found in Blogger. If you don't know coding, definitely buy a good premium blogger theme. This will prove to be a plus point for your blog.

4: Select AdSense ads ready theme

By the way, you will get a post on the Hindi help blog including this information on how to place Blogger Adsense ads inside the blog post, but if you have any problem placing adsense ads in the Blogger blog, use the Adsense Ready Blogger theme.

Such themes already have sections for placing ads. All you have to do is paste your AdSense advertising code. Apart from that, you can earn more by placing ads in the appropriate place on your blogger blog.

Lastly: If you use all of the tips above, I hope you find it easy to choose a great theme for Blogger.

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